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The info below is for Union members, Union Employees and Officers with or in need of AT&T wireless accounts.

AT&T offers Union’s discounts for cellular service paid by personal funds. Our Office account is part of this discount program through the AFL-CIO (IAFF). The program requires a FAN (Foundation Account Number added to the account. Below is a brief breakdown of discounts and FAN’s for each group.

For employees of the Union (Those folks that receive a paycheck from our Union (Staff) are eligible for an 18% discount on selected calling plans fees. FAN 45842

For Union Members, they are eligible for a 15% discount on selected calling plans. FAN 3508840

Our Union account receives a 22% discount. Already has FAN on account and have been receiving the benefit for as long as we have had the account, even when it was Cingular.

See attached file and below for further Info.

If folks have existing AT&T cellular accounts, FAN’s can be added (in some cases it will require AT&T to set up a new account and you will receive a closing statement on the old account number and receive a new billing on new account number.

For members discounts it will usually require a IAFF or CDFF membership card. For “Union” employees it may require a paycheck stub or other proof that you are paid by our Union.

Verizon, Sprint and other service providers do NOT provide these types of discounts.

AT&T rep listed below can assist further




Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 1:12 PM
Subject: AT&T Mailing to AFL-CIO Executive Council


Hello Fellow Union Members,

As your AT&T Union point of contact, I wanted to share with you a letter that President Trumka sent out last month to the leaders of the Affiliated Unions in support of AT&T’s activities within the Union Market.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you need any assistance with your AT&T Union account 925 548-6130.


Ellen Vanhole
Account Manager

Premier Client Group
Union Sales Team
M: 925 548 6130


Labor Union Member discounts available at

Unions and AT&T announce a one-stop-shop portal created for Union locations.  Union advisors can now care for your ordering and billing needs at


Codes for getting discounts for individual/personal users/union members 15% code 3508840 (members) and for employees  45842 18% (use codes in corporate owned stores with proof of employement and/or union membership cards)

Go Union And Save With AT&T Wireless

For Union Locals and Employees

Support the one and only union wireless carrier

See other side for more details on how to save with AT&T

Make sure your local, your staff and your members are supporting good union jobs and getting the savings they deserve on wireless service from AT&T. AT&T Mobility is the one and only national unionized wireless provider with 45,000 union represented workers. No other wireless company can say that. Not Verizon Wireless. Not Sprint. Not T-Mobile. If you already have AT&T service, make sure you’re saving all you can with discounts from Union Plus. If you’re using a non-union company, switch now to AT&T, a union wireless company that respects workers’ rights. Union printed in the U.S.A.

18% Union Employee
AT&T Discount FAN #45842


Union Locals Save 22%

Union Employees Save 18% on select calling and data plans

Union locals save 22%

Does your local pay for wireless service for your staff? Your office can save 22% on qualified monthly service charges through an AFL-CIO negotiated discount — even if you are already using AT&T. AT&T also offers discounts on a wide range of other telecommunications services — from teleconferencing to internet service and more — that can help your union work smarter and save money.

To start saving, contact Judy Miller of Union Plus at or call 1-800-472-2005, ext 888.
How to Save on Union
Wireless Service From AT&T
Union Locals Save

Union employees save 18%

Union employees who receive a paycheck from a union and who pay for their own wireless can save 18% on select calling and data plans from AT&T. Make sure to let your staff employees know how they can save when they use union wireless.

To start saving, visit your local AT&T store (bring proof that you are a union employee, like a business card) and reference AT&T Discount FAN #45842 or enroll online at

Besides the “bulk” discounts for locals and staff, there’s also a 15% discount available for your members from Union Plus. Some 180,000 union members are already saving on select calling and data plans from AT&T. But that means many members are either paying full price or using a non-union wireless provider like Verizon Wireless, Sprint or T-Mobile. Help spread the word about the Union Plus AT&T discount and urge your members to support a union company and good union jobs.

Get free member discount coupons to give to your members. Email or order online at Members can learn more at Help spread the word about the member discount Credit approval, proof of current union employment or members and new two-year service agreement required. Up to $36 activation fee applies for 18% union employee discount. Limited time offer. Other conditions and restrictions apply.

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