Passing of Tim Dunlap

I hate to bring everyone bad news but here it is;

A few days ago retired captain Tim Dunlap suffered a massive stroke.  He spent the day with some old fire buddies and three hours at the Jack Daniels brewery followed by dinner at home in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee with his pals.  At the conclusion of dinner Tim stood up, became dizzy and was helped to the floor.  And Willie Dumas (an ex-medic) was having dinner with Tim and he assisted him to the floor.  Willie took his B/P and found it was extremely high – about 275 over 180.  911 was called but Tim went unconscious within minutes.  Tim was declared brain dead at 11am the following morning.

A memorial service will be held in Hemet on Friday.  Tim’s son will be sending me the information on the service tomorrow and I will forward immediately to you.

Tom Connors

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