Update on Brian Richtmyer Retired BDU FC

Hi Jerry,

Thought I should pass on the information about our daughter Tara. She passed away November 11, 2012 in what we think was an accidental suicide at the age of 38.  We took our grandchildren, Ryan 8 and Calle 6 for about 6 weeks. They are now back in Los Angeles with their Dad.  We have them every other weekend and will be taking them with us on an Alaskan Cruise and road trip to the mid-west this summer to see my relatives. We are also keeping contact with the school they go to in LA.  Brian has been a little more active now as a grandpa!  It is good for him!  You may send a notice to the others and use your discretion as to what all to say.

Thank you.  Marilyn Richtmyer

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