2013 District VIII Officer Elections

Beginning 9-1-2013 nominations for the following District VIII Officer positions will be open;


District Supervisor Director

Deputy Rank and File Director

District Retiree Director



Nominations will be open until October 15th, 2013 and can be sent to Tim Stewart by e – mail (CDFFTstewart@gmail.com) or US Mail @

3800 Sierra Way

San Bernardino, Ca. 92405


Elections will be held in accordance with the CDF Firefighters Constitution & Operating Procedures and the District VIII Bylaws. If only one candidate is nominated they will be elected by acclimation. If voting is required ballots will be mailed to the district membership.


Nominees will need to give their written permission to the person making the nomination per the CDF Firefighters District VIII Bylaws Section 0400.


Please refer to the CDF Firefighters District VIII bylaws Section 0400 for complete procedures and policy pertaining to elections of District Officers.

Tim Stewart

District VIII Vice President

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