Update on Rich Smithen

Rich Smithen


Hi, everyone.  Thought I would update you on Dad.


Dad was admitted to the Idaho State Veterans Home in Lewiston a couple of weeks ago.  Since then he has had some setbacks.  He was admitted to the hospital in Lewiston with chest pains and while there suffered a pretty good heart attack, and along with the clogged arteries, this has left his heart damaged.  Dad is not a candidate for bypass surgery  or a stent, so the doctors have managed to stabilize his heart with medication.


Last night Dad suffered a seizure during which he fell out of his wheelchair.  This fall did major damage to his neck and skull. And has left him in a pretty confused state.  He had an MRI today to assess the extent of the damage and to figure out a course of treatment. After talking with the surgeon, Mom and I have some tough decisions to make as to the course of treatment.


So, that is how things are going here, hope to have a more positive update the next time.


Mom is hanging in there, and doing pretty good.


I will keep you updated.  Hopefully he will be writing to you all again soon.




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