Passing of Loren E. Hill

Loren was the Associate Ranger 3501 for the Tuolumne Unit from 1955 to 1970.

Good morning, it is with a sad heart that I send this update out to you. Dad passed away yesterday afternoon at the Veterans Home in Lewiston.  He put up a fight to the very end, his spirit not wanting to let go, but his body finally giving out.  He passed peacefully with me by his side.  Dad was an amazing man, and we will cherish the memories of the times we had together, as I am sure you will too.  He was so thankful for each and everyone of you, your friendships, visits and the e-mails that kept him going daily.  He loved hearing what all of you had been up to and took a keen interest in your doings.Mom, Ken and I want to thank all of you for keeping in touch thru the years.  We know how much those e-mails meant to him.  Thank you for making his days brighter.

Mom is doing pretty well, and we will make sure she gets out and about and keeps busy.  She is going to miss him so very much as will Ken, Kyle, Jenn and I.

Thank you all again, and each of you take care.


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