2014 Daniel A. Terry Scholarships


2014 Daniel A. Terry Scholarships

Enrollment Closes July 14, 2014 for Daniel A. Terry Scholarship for Children of Fallen Firefighters

Enrollment for 2014 Daniel A. Terry Scholarships is open and applications can be downloaded here.

As part of its ongoing mission to provide assistance to families of fallen firefighters, the California Fire Foundation awards Daniel A. Terry Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 to children of California firefighters killed in the line of duty. For additional information on the Daniel A. Terry Scholarship click here.

If you know someone who might be eligible, please make sure they apply for these scholarships. You can find more information by visiting www.cafirefoundation.org or by calling (800) 890-3213.  The application deadline is July 14, 2014.

Above, Nicole Herman, daughter of LA County Local 1014 Firefighter Steven Herman and recipient of the Daniel A. Terry Scholarship, speaking at the California Fire Foundation Inaugural Gala Benefit, tells her story of life after her father passed away.

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