The Burning Snag – A Newsletter for Retired CDF employees

The Burning Snag

A Newsletter for

Retired CDF employees

(E-mail version)



Retiree Luncheons


Sep 10th    NOTE CHANGE

San Bernardino Luncheon

At Law’s Coffee Shop

38392 Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen

At 1100

Oct 14th

San Diego Luncheon

At Boll Weevil

2548 Main Street, Ramona

At 12 noon

Nov 19th

Riverside Luncheon

At Brandon’s Diner

24626 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley

At 1130






Sickness and Deaths


Those who Passed


6-21                     Patterson, Betty                       BTU

7-2                       Vogt, Eric                                   RRU

7-15                     Tibbs, Noble                             SHU

7-20                     Ellenberger, Richard           SLU

7-26                     Hafen, David                         MVU

8-13                     Herold, Bruce                      BDU

8-13                 Philips, Dale                        SAC

8-23                 Gonzales, David                  LNU




Those who are Ill


Buffy Banks, She has Adeno Carcinoma of the liver and will be receiving treatment soon.





Articles for the Newsletter


Long-Term Sustainability Is Our Principal Focus


By Anne Stausboll, CalPERS CEO


Defined benefit plans are the cornerstone of retirement security. For employees, they’re a solid path to a predictable income and peace of mind in retirement. For employers, they’re an important and cost-effective tool for recruitment and retention.


They are also a financial engine that generates more than $30 billion dollars in economic activity across the state every year stimulating business growth, tax receipts, and jobs for our communities.

This is why our principal focus is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the CalPERS fund. Although the economy has stabilized and the financial markets have rebounded, it’s still fragile. Over the last few years, we have taken many steps to reposition our investment portfolio and strengthen our infrastructure, risk management, and controls. Our funded level, the ratio of assets to accrued liabilities, has increased as well. From a low of around 60 percent during the financial crisis it is now estimated to be around 77 percent.



Excepts taken from the CalPERS Perspective Spring 2015

CDF Museum


If you haven’t been to the museum new website you should go or either one will get you there. One of the new features Firefighter Registry that’s where you can input your experiences with CDF


Another feature is where you can submit stories about your experience with CDF.


We also have the Gift Shop listed


We are authorized to have payroll deduction for both retirees & active employees, it’s the easy way to donate if you wish.


The forms are available online or you can e-mail me and I send one to you.

The museum will be open every Saturday except holiday weekends 10am till 2 pm, or call for appointment.

Web site

(909) 881-6984 has a recorder


Preserving the history of the CDF


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