Passing of John Carter

John Griffin Carter was born June 3, 1950 in San Francisco and grew up there. He died of a massive heart attack early Thanksgiving morning, Nov 28, 2019.  He is thought to have suffered only a few minutes if at all.

John graduated from Washington High School in 1968.  He took that summer off for a surfing holiday and joined the U.S. Marine Corps in September 1968. Upon leaving the military, he went to college at the College of the Redwoods then finished up at UC Berkley.  He started his firefighting at the College of the Redwoods where he worked as a firefighter. He graduated UC Berkley with a BS in Forestry in 1976.  He entered the ranks of CDF in 1972, now called CalFire as a seasonal forest firefighter where he rose to the rank of Deputy Chief.  In 1984 he was awarded the CSFA Award of Valor for risking his life while off duty by pulling  a man from a burning truck before the gas tank exploded, completely engulfing the area in flames. This and other heroic deeds were an everyday part of his life on and off the job.

John Carter was a fun & loving father and a loving and supportive husband – his wife Molly’s hero, always ready to lend  a helping hand to friends, family and strangers. He  is survived by his wife Marlene (“Molly”), daughter Stacia, son Steve, grandson Colton Carter Boyd,  brother Jim, two brothers-in-law: Lyle (Dan) and Martin Hintz and many nieces and nephews. John will be buried at Mt. Vernon Memorial Park – 8201 Greenback Ln, Fair Oaks at 11:00 a.m. Dec. 21, 2019. A memorial service will be held at 12:00 at the VWF at 8990 Kruitof Way, Fair Oaks.  The family  would be honored to have friends and family celebrate his life with stories at the memorial.  A light lunch will be served after the service.    

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