Health Delinquency Letters

“We wanted to make you aware of some Retroactive Health Premium delinquency letters that were prematurely sent to approximately 490 CalSTRS retirees and an additional 1560 CalPERS retirees. The letters informed retirees of delinquent amounts owed for health care premiums but the amounts are incorrect. The amounts identified in the letters for individuals ranged from approximately $25.00 to one letter that indicated an amount owed of $83,499. The average amount shown in the letters was approximately $519. We had been reviewing the accounts of the retirees and the letters were sent prior to the completion of the review.

We have sent an updated letter to the impacted retirees expressing our apology for the error and letting them know that they can disregard the letter. If it is determined that members do owe retroactive health premiums after our review is complete, they will receive an updated invoice in the future. We have identified the error and developed a process to ensure that this occurrence will not happen again.”

Corrected notices will be mailed at a later date.

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