Assistance For One of Our Own

Assistance For One of Our Own


Assistance Needed for one of Our Own, Retired Cal Fire Battalion Chief Greg Furey and His Family.


On February 1st, 2015, tragedy struck one of our own. Retired Cal Fire Battalion Chief Greg Furey was returning from a month long trip to the Philippines with his wife and stepdaughter. Three minutes from their home, they were involved in a devastating head-on car crash that left Greg’s wife and stepdaughter with critical injuries. His wife Gloria is slowly recovering from her brain injury. His stepdaughter Rhea, however, suffered severe left side head trauma. She was in a coma for more than a month, but has recently begun showing signs of improvement, defying many of her physician’s predictions. Thousands of people have been praying for them.


The trip to Gloria’s native country was in part intended to help her recover from severe PTSD. In July, 2013, she was a victim of an armed, violent takeover gang related robbery in the bank where she had worked for 25 years. After battling PTSD since the robbery, Gloria was slowly taking back her life. A visit to the Philippines-the place where she had been raised-was intended to help empower her again. It was a wonderful trip that helped Gloria immeasurably.


Now, however, Greg’s family is faced with a “new challenge”: extraordinary medical costs for Rhea, whose projected rehabilitation is estimated to exceed 2 million dollars. Brain injury rehabilitation is specialized and costly.


Rhea is Gloria’s only child.   They are extremely close.


At the time of the accident, Rhea was pursuing a new career in video and film production. She had applied for the Masters Programs in Film Production and Writing at USC and NYU.  She is an extraordinarily kind, open-hearted young woman who deserves every opportunity for a full recovery and a fulfilling life.  It is very difficult to see her in the condition she is in at the present time.


Chief Greg Furey enjoyed a 32 year career with Cal Fire in various duty stations and locations.  He was a seasonal firefighter in Humboldt Del Norte and a Limited Term FAE in Mendocino.  He spent a total of 21 years in the Riverside Unit.  He was a FAE at Station 2, Sunnymead, and in the City of Perris; a Fire Captain at the Pedley Fire Station, A F.C. in the  Emergency Command Center in Perris.   He was a Engine and Truck Captain in the Coves Battalion 12.   He served in RRU Fire Protection Planning.  Greg spent seven years in BEU, he was a Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal in Pebble Beach, and  a Wildland Battalion Chief in the Carmel Battalion.


Rhea’s close friend Alex (Alexandrea) created a fund raising page for her friend in need of financial support for her medical rehabilitation.     Please take a moment to get to know a little bit about this amazing young lady by reading the biography on the attached web page and say a prayer for her recovery.  If you find it in your heart, and can afford any amount of financial assistance, please make a donation that will be applied towards her rehabilitation and care.

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