Passing of Denny Weisgerber

Denny Weisgerber, 68, of Chico, CA, died on Dec. 27 of a brain tumor.

Weisgerber, a senior softball player in the Chico league, was a long-time supporter of CAN-Sirs, an organization dedicated to promoting cancer awareness and prevention among senior softball players. Weisgerber played in the Sierra Valley Senior Softball League with the YC Classics and was one of the co-founders of the CAN-Sirs Exhibition team, pitching in all of the leagues.

Weisgerber served three years in the Marines and served in Vietnam. He retired after 33 years with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

“I will miss him greatly,” said Pete Davignon, executive director of CAN-Sirs. “He left behind a great family and a lot of friends.”

There will be a service for Denny this Monday, August 28th at 0930 at the location at:

Veteran’s Cemetery
11800 Gaspoint Road
Igo, CA 96047


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