A member in need

About 3 years ago, Christian was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis or A.S. for short. A.S. is an autoimmune disease that eventually destroys the spine, not only that it can eventually affect the joints, eyesight, liver, and kidney functions. There is no known cure for A.S. just medication to slow the progress and pain management for the pain. Christian’s family and he have been struggling with this and it has progressively gotten worse.


As many of you know Christian had a fall which left him hospitalized for almost 3 months in severe pain having to learn to walk again. From being bed bound and in a wheelchair it was really hard to deal with. After leaving the hospital’s rehab in February ’16 from his fall the A.S. has made recovery very slow. Christian was donated a wheelchair lift by a friend and church member from the Pleasant Hill Adventist Church which he was using until his SUV’s transmission broke. According to specialist Christian had a spinal cord contusion with a mild concussion when he fell back on October 29, ’15 and which left him hospitalized after that.


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