I would like to take a brief moment to update you on some of the issues facing this Union and the membership. We all know that we will be facing a very negative campaign against Public Safety, Public Employees, our retirement and right to have a voice. We heard real life examples from Wisconsin on how life is in the fire stations now without Collective Bargaining. You can view the excerpts from the recent CPF meeting at http://www.cpf.org/go/cpf/political-action/paycheck-deception-2012/ . This is a defining moment in the history of this Union and this Department; we need to focus our attention on the future to protect not only current employees but also all of those that come after us. Very soon, you will be hearing about our plan and how our Union will be working to “Get the Vote Out” and educate our members. This is the time we must be working together so when your Chapter is organizing meetings, please attend and let us put our efforts into saving our voice and let us stop the divisive speech and undertones, which is not the policy of this union and by Board vote has been recently reaffirmed, that have caused us to lose focus on the real issues. This Union needs all of its members, as allowed by the Dills Act, to stand against those that would silence us from providing our input into the political process.

Rick Swan

State Supervisor Director

CDF Firefighters

IAFF Local 2881

Representing the Professional Firefighers of CAL FIRE

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